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common SEO mistakes

 Are you aware of the common SEO mistakes to avoid for better visibility online? If not, then keep reading this article till the very end to find out more.Every business is striving to gain more organic traffic to its website. Every website owner has to apply SEO to increase their organic traffic.

There are many resources online to help with improving your on-page and off-page SEO, but the most common mistakes have to be addressed as a top priority. Here is the list of seo mistakes that you have to know about and work on fixing.

 Common SEO Mistakes

  1. Site Speed Issues

Slow site speed will have alarming effects on your website. It will make you lose a sizeable chunk of organic traffic to your website. All your efforts will come down to zero if your audience cannot access your website. There is a possibility of high bounce rate. It is the most common SEO mistakes made by website owners.

There are many tools available online to help with understanding your website’s speed performance. 

 Fixing solution

There is a tool by the name of “Google Page Speed Insights.” This tool will help in letting you know the performance of your website. Also, other factors cause your site to be slow. 

1. There are good WordPress plugins available to help you compress CSS and Javascript files.

2. Tiny PNG is a tool that can help you compress images for a smaller file size.

3. Using Redirects: Every website has some kind of redirect as they are unexpected. It is crucial to fix them for improved speed performance of the website. By Applying these steps, you can fix these common SEO mistakes for better performance 

 Google Reviews: Bad

Google reviews are crucial for a website’s ability to gain trust and credibility online. One should be ready to get both positive and negative feedback for their services. But having more positive reviews will work for the improved credibility of your business. 

There has to be a very thin line between positive and negative reviews. More positive will make the user suspicious, and more negative will drive the traffic away. 

 Fixing solution

Reach out to the user who has given a negative review of your service or product. I am trying to work on a viable solution for them so that they are happy and satisfied.

Faulty Google My Business Verification Code

 This is an issue faced by many users and is very common. It happens during the verification process for the PIN you get for your Google My Business account. 

Fixing solution

 Maybe the profile became private instead of being public. Change the profile status to “public” and then try again. If it does not happen, then request a new pin. Add all the details correctly, and it should be the same with your listings.

 Another common SEO mistakes made by webmasters is that you cannot target specific pages related to your location for the content you create.

 Pages with Fewer Geographical References

 As per Goggle, More and more searches related to location-related keywords, such as “near me,” have seen a significant rise, especially with users using mobile devices. There has been a significant rise in mobile searches for many things by typing “near me.” 

Users searching for something nearby have a higher probability of visiting the place that day itself. That is when the purchase happens. 

 A major percentage of the population is searching for things on their mobile phones. That is why it is increasingly crucial to have local SEO with the best quality content and optimised local content.

 Fixing solution

Understanding your brand in terms of your location will help in increasing your ranking for local SEO. The best solution to this will be to have a well-optimized location-related page for improved ranking. The clarity in location will significantly improve your local SEO results.

 Copied Content

Copied content that is like the content already posted on the website. Google will not penalize you for posting the content. The only thing that will get affected is your ranking in the long run. Google will filter out the content and show the relevant content in the SERPs.

 Fixing Solution

 The best solution is to have unique content that differs from others. Also, it helps in answering the questions of your audience. By solving the question that your audience might have, you will help you become a trustworthy player in the long run. 

To avoid seo mistakes, make it a point to have any content checked on Copyscape for duplicate content online before publishing it.

 Uploading Images Correctly & Correcting Alternative Text

 Images and alt text help in improving the on-page SEO of a website. Entering an incorrect file name will not help in improving the SEO of the website. They have a big role to play by entering the keyword in the filename. Google crawlers get to crawl the website and understand the page info correctly.

 Fixing Solution

 The best thing is to add an image alt attribute and use a keyword when saving the file name. These have to be added to your WordPress blog or website. There are some more common SEO mistakes in this article. Let’s understand them better.

Removing Unrelevant Content

Every user has to keep updating their content timely. There are so many pieces of content available online. As mentioned, Google will automatically remove any outdated content from the SERPs. In the end, website owners or bloggers will lose out on Google. As, Google crawlers will not crawl or index pages that are outdated or irrelevant to the audience,

Fixing Solution

 Make it a priority that any content posted by you is not outdated and relevant for today’s audience. Strive to give relevant content to the search engines. 

 Another seo mistakes that has to be made has to be not having a mobile-friendly website.

 The website is not optimised for mobile.

In today’s time, most of the population is available online. Their primary means of staying up to date on everything is through their mobile phones.So, having a website that is not mobile-friendly will cause the loss of your audience. 

Most of the audience check everything on their phones. Everyone gets busy due to time constraints. Everyone wants information at their fingertips fast. Mobile phones are something that solve these problems easily and efficiently.

Fixing Solution

Have a website that is mobile-friendly to your target audience. If your website is mobile-friendly, that will help in reaching out to your audience effectively. There are tools available online to help you find out whether your site is mobile-friendly. The tool gets called the Mobile-friendly Test Site.

Converting Issues with Forms

Many users fill out the forms on the user website but cannot convert them due to too many fields to fill out, the form not being functional, or too many drop-down menus to click.

Fixing Solution

Keep the contact form very simple. 

Make the form optimised for mobile.

Keep fewer fields in the form. 

Have a simple alignment of the form.

 Common SEO Mistakes: Conclusion 

When you are applying SEO, your focus as a user has to be on giving high-quality content and increasing engagement for your audience. Every website owner faces some of the seo mistakes related to SEO. Conduct regular SEO audits for your website to know whether it is doing well.

Hope this article helps you in solving the Common SEO Mistakes. You can contact us for any help related to SEO. We will be happy to assist you for the same